YY Nation Launches With The Lowest Carbon Footprint Sneaker In The World

新西兰惠灵顿 - 2021年11月22日 - 来自新西兰的新的可持续鞋品牌YY Nation,正在美国推出,其生态友好的旧版鞋类系列包括世界上最低的碳足迹运动鞋。经过三年的深入研究和开发,YY Nation的Nimbo鞋由竹子和藻类制成,具有该行业最小的碳足迹5.45kg CO2E(ISO 14067认证),其比传统运动鞋少三倍。

整个传统鞋类系列的碳足迹范围从5.45kg CO2排放到每鞋8.15kg CO2排放量,比14kg CO2的传统运动鞋排放低42%至61%。YY Nation鞋为零碳认证1,预计在2022年为碳负碳。

YY Nation的创始董事杰里米·班克(Jeremy Bank)说:“我们正在旅途中制作世界上最可持续的鞋子。”“虽然我们开个良好的开端,但良好是不够的。这些是我们在碳足迹方面制造的最糟糕的鞋子,但是领先的可持续选择。有所作为真是太好了,我们只想继续做得更好。随着今天的推出,YY Nation致力于碳消极的未来,将严格的可持续性标准与令人难以置信的设计和舒适性结合在一起。”

Not only are YY Nations shoes some of the lowest carbon footprint sneakers in the industry, they’re also stylish, comfortable and incredibly durable.

Different by design



  • Merino wool. The ultra-fine Merino wool upper is soft, breathable, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking to maintain all day comfort. The wool is ethically sourced and traceable from New Zealand growers.
  • 编织的竹/尼龙网织布70%竹子/30%尼龙网状底部可抵抗水分,可在任何天气条件下保持脚部冷却和干燥,并具有天然的抗菌特性。竹子以道德,Oeko-Tek®认证和可持续的森林生长,尼龙线由再生塑料瓶制成。
  • Pineapple Leather: A natural textile made from waste pineapple leaf fiber, pineapple leather was developed as a sustainable alternative to mass produced animal leather. Pineapple leaves are the waste products of the pineapple industry and are typically burnt, producing massive amounts of pollution and carbon emissions. By turning them into “leather” for YY Nation shoes, it’s not only a sustainable, vegan alternative to leather, but supports a whole new revenue stream for pineapple farmers.
  • Sugarcane: When pressed, liquid from sugarcane is turned into bioethanol that becomes the base for soft, durable, flexible white soles, replacing harmful oil-based petrochemicals. YY Nation sugarcane soles are considered carbon negative, making your shoes not only light to wear but also light on the planet.
  • Algae: Algae is the fastest growing plant on Earth. In recent years, there’s been an uncontrollable rise in algae due to an increase in human activity, leading to runoff of fertilizers that choke our waterways. By using algae, YY Nation shoes help clean waterways and purify the air. With every sole, YY Nation clears 24 liters of water and cleans 49 cubic feet of air.

“Every component of the Legacy Footwear Collection, from the soles to the laces to the packaging, is made with sustainable, natural or waste materials that would otherwise be landfill-bound,” said Bank. “We are conscious of how we bring things into the world but more careful of what we leave behind. We are proud to come from Aotearoa, New Zealand. We grew up enjoying nature as our playground, which is why we’re serious about protecting our land and oceans.”

Wonder made wearable

The Legacy Footwear Collection is launching with four styles available in 12 colors (color options vary by style). The uppers are available in soft, breathable certified Merino wool or woven bamboo/nylon mesh, the laces are made from post consumer waste recycled plastics and the outsoles feature either sugarcane or algae combined with recycled rubber – a combination that can withstand any environment. YY Nation shoes retail from $98 to $128 and are available in whole and half sizes ranging from men’s sizes 3.5 – 15 and women’s sizes 5 – 13.

The Legacy Footwear Collection includes:

  • The Alto: This versatile high-top boot is the perfect casual footwear for all occasions and all-terrain, pairing perfectly with athleisure and streetwear. It is available in light and soft bamboo or Merino wool.
  • The Cirro: This standard lace-up shoe is a must-have for everyday adventures. Available in fun and classic colors, from the playful rose quartz and vibrant spectra yellow to traditional all black, the Cirro is available in light and soft bamboo or Merino wool.
  • The Nimbo: A slip-on shoe featuring a sleek and functional design perfect for everyday casual wear. The Nimbo is available in various fun and fresh colors, including aqua and tangerine.
  • The Strato: The skateboard-style Strato is streetwear essential with a nod to 90s nostalgia and is as comfortable as versatile.

The YY Nation Legacy Footwear Collection is sold exclusively atwww.yynation.com。


Source: YY Nation